Judge Casey


Judge Jeremiah P. Casey was quoted in the oakland tribune as being..

The best known & most popular Irishman on the Pacific Coastโ€  

Our Relish is named after our founderโ€™s great grand-uncle, who came from a small farm in County Cork, Ireland. The Casey family has continued the tradition of the recipe, which originated from that farm.

The Judge came to California during the Gold Rush in 1873. Arriving on American soil with nothing, he initially worked as a shoe-shine and then as a farm hand until he was able to start his own saloon in Port Costa. The town was a bustling hub of commerce connected by a railroad ferry to the trans-continental railroad and was the busiest wheat-shipping port in the country. A well-known businessman, philanthropist, and self-taught student of law, he became a respected Judge.

Judge Casey's fame on the Pacific coast was well documented in the papers of the day.

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Judge Jeremiah Patrick Casey

Judge Jeremiah Patrick Casey