When we told people we were going to ride motorcycles from Argentina to Alaska they said we were nuts.
When we said we were going to create a whole new ketchup experience, again they said we were nuts.

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Over the years Irish friends Peadar and Stephen travelled through Southern Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia. Later they began their longest trip, two years driving motorcycles from the Southernmost tip of South America to the Northernmost point of Alaska.

Along the way, the two friends cooked and made Judge Casey’s Ketchup, a recipe that had been handed down in Peadar’s family from his grandmother.

It is a natural recipe with clean simple ingredients. They don’t like processed foods and especially dislike condiments with additives, preservatives, weird chemical sounding ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and any other JUNK!

Our famously thick ketchup is much more than plain old ketchup. We have created a next level condiment.

Reaching the end of the road, the two friends got back to work. Their next big adventure together was to be the food business. They knew that increasing numbers of people were really starting to share their passion for clean foods and they wanted to start a company that shared this passion …with an Irish twist.

The name of their ketchup is a tribute to Peadar’s great grand uncle. Judge Casey is part of family lore, an Irish immigrant who came to America in the olden days and rose to the level of Judge, hotelier, brewer and all round Legend.

“His achievements and success as an Irish immigrant inspire us,” relates Stephen, “so we named our Ketchup after him. He would be proud to know his name lives on through our ketchup and we hope it matches the Judge’s zeal for life.”
Judge Casey's about us

“We put it on everything! Our ketchup is hugely popular with the people that we meet.”

Judge Casey's about us equator
Our commitment to quality guides us every step of the way. Natural ingredients are the starting point for truly great ketchup.

Judge Casey’s ketchup combines vine ripened California tomatoes from the Central Valley with a splash of vinegar, which helps create our unique tangy tomato flavor. Next we add sun-dried tomatoes, to infuse our signature rich sun-ripened tomato aroma. The addition of raisins delivers a natural mature sweetness. Finally, our unique blend of spices rounds off the flavor profile to wonderfully compliment, enhance and elevate any dish.